Thursday, October 25, 2012

Giving It All Up to God

I've been learning a lot lately, and not just about the law.  I'm daily discovering how much easier and freer my life is when I turn all my worries and stress over to God.  He has a wonderful plan for my life, even if I don't really understand what it is exactly.  I find that every time I try to take control, things tend to get difficult and hard to understand.  But when I let my own control go and trust in Him instead, my soul is at peace––even with all the stress surrounding me.  I know that I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.  I just have to let Him in to do just that.

Needless to say, all of this musing led to a new set of song lyrics.  I don't have a tune for them yet (too many other songs floating around in my head), but here are the lyrics for your enjoyment.

Total freedom comes from complete surrender
Through saving grace my heart is saved.
The plan of life isn't mine to create.
I simply need to trust.

(REFRAIN)  I'm letting it all go,
Throwing my hands up in the air.
To gain control of my own life,
I must give it all to You.

I don't always understand Your plan,
And my human nature falls at times.
I want to know where my life is going,
But the misty future confuses me.


The future whirls before me
Muddling my present state of mind.
I cannot tell where my path is leading,
But I'm trying to let it all go.


I cannot succeed on my own.
My human will is too weak.
But as I daily offer my life to You,
My trust in Your plan grows.


You daily increase my faith in Your plan,
And I know You will not let me fall.
As I surrender my will into Your hands,
I gain freedom in my life.

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