Thursday, June 12, 2014

Giving It Up

I've been struggling with trusting God and His plan for my life, and I finally found some true peace about all of it.  I know there's a plan, and I know that it's fabulous.  And I can hardly wait to turn the page and see what happens next.

I gave it all to God tonight
Offered up all control
Chose Him as my guiding light
To solve my rigmarole.

My dreams and visions set aside
And sole trust placed with Him
I sit and wonder
Watching them grow dim.

Slipping slowly through my hands
All human plans begin to dwindle
And yet unfettered springs to life
A hope begins to kindle.

I haven't met my soulmate yet
Perhaps I never will
But there's this sense I can't forget
A peaceful, happy thrill.

My trust stays strong
And my thoughts remain
With God they belong
And the sense comes again.

A sense of security
Of hope and of love
Filled with all purity
And sent from above.

And deep down inside
My vocation rings true
With God as my guide
I'm heading to you.

And just as our love
For God must shine bright,
Such love will reflect
In our own loving light.

In God is my trust
Never to falter
Whatever He plans
As my Heavenly Father.

Whether wedded to Him
Or a white blushing bride
I've offered my everything
In His heart I reside.

I pray, God, for grace
To pursue You farther
To deepen my trust
As Your loving daughter.

Grant me, I pray
Your eyes of true clarity
To follow Your path
With unwavering certainty.

Till death do us part
My heart will be yours
Once our Father reveals
The keys to the door.

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